PPE Supplies with no middlemen or unfair markup

We negotiate directly with certified factories to offer you the highest quality PPE at the lowest price. No wholesalers. No distributors. No unfair markups.

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You're in Good Company

What We Do

Safe Direct Medical Supplies provides PPE directly to frontline workers, health care providers, businesses and individuals without the middleman. Our products are verified, certified, and tested to the highest standard.

Our Catalog

We simplify the hospital supply chain

The legacy method of purchasing PPE supplies is bloated with many different parties in the supply chain. Each time the products change hands they are marked up in price by different middle men. This means the end user pays much more for medical supplies than they have to. At Safe Direct Medical Supplies, we simplify the supply chain and bring you PPE supplies at a lower cost.


How We Do It

We do more than give you the best price. Safe Direct Medical Supplies negotiates directly with the factories that manufacture medical supplies and cuts out all the actors in-between the buyer and the products. Get the same and even better quality products without the crazy price markups.


Transparent Pricing & Quick Delivery

As a full stack value-add partner not only do we provide transparent pricing and simple expedited delivery for our PPE supplies, we also make sure the products you receive are thoroughly vetted, tested, and certified for use in North America.