N95 Harley-L188

SKU: L-188

Purchasing Options: Box - 20

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  • ≥ 95%

  • Disposable Respirator Mask 

  • Comes in boxes of 20 

    • NIOSH Certified N95 Mask
    • Material: PP Non-woven fabric, High efficiency, low-resistance meltblown, Electrostatic cotton capacity
    • Adjustable padded nosepiece provides comfortable fit
    • Flat folded-type mask with latex-free headband: Adapts well to the wearer's facial features
    • FDA
    • ISO
    • NIOSH
    • TUV
    • CE
    • Health Canada 

    Approved by CDC 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Clerisy Management Group Ltd.

    I like that the straps go around the back of the head. That way, should you need to remove it to drink or eat, it can hang below your chin. I do not like the nose though. There is a seam straight up the middle of the front on the mask. Then, on top of the seam there is the metal piece that you can shape to hold it firmly on your nose. As this piece was put on ON TOP of the seam, it causes the mask to sit in a way that it gets under my glasses and pokes me in the eye. The seal, however, is great. I feel very safe when wearing it.

    David E Moon

    Prompt delivery, the masks are an excellent it, the best I have tried. Have recommended to friends.

    Mary Ellen Payne

    I think this is a really good protective mask, I like the way it fastens, with elastic at the back of my head, that fits much better than the loops over the ears. The only issue I have is that I wear glasses, and keep trying to adjust the nose piece to prevent fogging, but find the metal portion is a little stiff, and I can't get the mask to form properly on my nose. I wonder if you could try a more malleable piece of metal on the mask for a better form/fit? or maybe the metal could be inserted in the mask, rather than on top of the mask, might make it form better...? Just a thought..

    Marina Fechner

    I have tried all 3 N95 masks and this one is my favourite! It is the most comfortable mask and the fit is perfect. I like the way it tucks under the chin and high up above my nose. It is softer against the skin making it the most comfortable of all. Fast shipping and great packaging. Highly recommend this mask!

    Dawn McDougall

    My N95 was late in coming. I was asked to review before I even got them. I was told that they had arrived 11 days earlier. It was good that there was a reply on the email so I told them that my masks had not arrived. I got a reply and an apology. The masks arrived a few days later. I have had difficulty putting on. I followed the directions carefully but it either popped off my head or was loose under my chin. With help from my caregiver, I was able to get it on properly and then we practised so that I can do it myself when am alone.