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Perfect Mask. Fits properly and feels secure. My glasses do not fog. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for the best possible protection in a mask against covid 19. Great customer service!

Truly comfortable and perfect fit. Very happy with my N95 mask purchase. I would recommend it without any hesitation. Delivery was fast and i feel much safer from
COVID-19. Thank you

Very good fit, comfortable mask and I have tried many. Of course, I can’t attest to its efficacy re protection from covid. I assume it gives N95 protection. Importantly, good fit means no gap around the nose and face in this mask to mitigate airborn transmission.

Excellent mask, very comfortable and great price with safe direct. Great customer service and prompt delivery. Highly recommend

Excellent and quick shipping

Very comfortable, breathable and spacious mask. Completely covers my Beard.

Thanks for shipping in small quantity and for the extra mask samples. The mask fits well. One downside - the metal nose grip is glued on outside of mask. It loosens gradually and falls off.

Annex Clinic

Fits well ,even for smaller faces. Easy to breathe
In. If ear straps too tight, you can tug on them a few times to stretch a little. I have recommended this mask many of my colleagues.

J.C.Bakker & Sons Ltd

The masks are what we were looking for - good fit at a reasonable price.

I bought the KN95B for my husband. We used them on a medical trip and he found them easy to use and comfortable to breathe when he wore them.
As personal non-medical mask users we appreciate you boxing in small quantities of 50 for our use. Thank you also for the 3 samples of other mask samples, the cloth one was. Very comfortable.
Really appreciate how organized you company is.
Thank you
Rose Ann - Calgary

Good fit and very comfortable. Great quality and fast delivery.

A positive shopping expeience. I did some research and decided on the N-95 mask with which I am satisfied. The mask fits tight and I feel secure when wearing to go into a place where others are present, like a supermarket, though I still keep the required distance. The delivery was a few days late but Canada Post is slow these days. The company mailed the order immediately, as they said they would.

Did a bunch of research and zeroed in on the N95 Harley-L188. Reviews of Safe Direct were positive and decided to order from them. Sales person, Christine, was excellent and placed my order with them. After that, it was all downhill from there. Safe Direct uses Canada Post for delivery and that,
in my humble opinion, is mistake. Their "Track your delivery" was useless. My items were lost in limbo. Each delivery date came and went with no delivery. Just try and get through to "a human being" at customer service to talk to on the phone. You might better try a get an audience with the Pope then get through to someone at Canada Post. Anyways, with the help from Christine at Safe Direct, I found out what the multiple delays were all about and it was covid related. When I finally did get my masks they are great. They take a little getting use to as they not as simple as the blueish ones you see everybody else wearing, but they seal around your face very well. With the growing concern and threat from the covid variants, I feel much safer about going out on errands and shopping.
So yes, I would give Safe Direct and the N95 Harley-L188 a five star thumbs up.

Very comfortable

Comfortable with a good fit. It has room to breathe. Perhaps more flexibility in the wire over the bridge of the nose in order to pinch it tighter. It's a good quality product. I gave it a 4 only because I find all masks difficult to wear

KN95 Protective Mask - Type B

Canadian Made ASTM Level 3 Surgical Mask
Accentric Salon & Spa

Great, comfortable, premium quality Canadian made medical masks. We use them at our salons and spas.

Campus Dental

Great quality

Ward Funeral Home

Fit is on the larger size, single packaging a plus. Only complaint is packaging, 1000 masks arrive loose in large box, very difficult to manage inventory.

East Riverside Dental Centre

Product was as advertised and well priced

Fernande Solomon Inc

Great shopping experience, starting from website which offers lots of pertinent information to facilitate the choice of adequate product and ending with super prompt delivery . Product as described, wish all organisations whose employees are in direct contact with the public ( not only medical ) would show responsibility and purchase this higher level of protection for their employees. Also strongly recommended for all health conscious individuals who value safety and are wise enough to invest in a N 95 mask rather than swallow the official mumble jumble about < couvre visage <

Reflections Dental

Fast service!!

ASTM Level 3 Surgical Mask
PM level 3 Disposable Face Mask

Masks are very well made. They fit well and I felt very safe using them. I put a cloth mask over top of it and I can still breathe.