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Jutrods ASTM Level 3 Blue Surgical Mask
Heidi M
Mobility Care Co

We love the quality of the Canadian Made 3 Layer Masks.

Jutrods ASTM Level 3 Blue Surgical Mask
Hon Fai Ho

No complaints.

This mask is comfortable and sits well under my spectacles. Forms a good seal.

Very easy to use. Directions are very clear and easy to follow.

Delivered as promised and product was high quality and at a good price.

Home Organization and Cleaning

Bought for a petite adult. Very comfortable to wear while cleaning and organizing for 6-8 hours! Easy to breathe and fit nicely

Clerisy Management Group Ltd.

I like that the straps go around the back of the head. That way, should you need to remove it to drink or eat, it can hang below your chin. I do not like the nose though. There is a seam straight up the middle of the front on the mask. Then, on top of the seam there is the metal piece that you can shape to hold it firmly on your nose. As this piece was put on ON TOP of the seam, it causes the mask to sit in a way that it gets under my glasses and pokes me in the eye. The seal, however, is great. I feel very safe when wearing it.

These are the most comfortable masks I have worn. Love them.

Nexent Innovations Inc.

The delivery took longer than we have experienced in the past, but the product is great. We like the fit and durability of these masks.

Nice mask although I find them warmer and heavier than the white version.
Comfortable fit, good coverage

Tres bien,confortable...merci!

Great mask but still a little big for kids I bought for 14 year old & 11 year old.
Perfect for 14 but a little large for 11 yr old

Clerisy Management Group Ltd.

This is, by far, the easiest test kit of all of the various ones our office has used. Having the solution in pre-filled tubes instead of having to counts drops in has drastically sped up the time it takes me to prep the tests. Plus, I feel that it prevent even more chances of any contamination. The dropper "attachment" easily fits snuggly into the tube as well, which is not something I can say about some other version of tests. The reading for negative/positive is clear and easy to read. I think the SD Biosensor Standard Q Ag Nasal Test kits will be our standard go-to when ordering from now on.

Clerisy Management Group Ltd.

The tests are easy to prepare but, with no lids on the vials you do have to be careful to not have them spill. The swab is a little thinner an flimsier than other tests we have used, and somehow more-ticklier. Other than that, works as well as any other tests we have used over the last year.

Good product


Quick delivery to our office in Toronto! Thank you.

Innovative Safety

Great Communication - Fast Shipping - Many Transactions with Safe Direct the Past Two Years & Always Professional Service - Appreciated - Thanks!

Peter Amann Mountain guiding

quick shipping and great price.

The mask is very comfortable and I feel very protected wearing it. Shipping was very fast. Highly recommend this product and the company.

The test seemed to work. Tried it on someone with no symptoms. Negative test. Tried it on someone with symptoms. Positive test.

Much more sensitive than other tests. We have the BTNX Rapid Response at home and my son tested positive on Boson but negative on the BTNX tests. Positive result was confirmed via PCR test (with a 42.9ct, so quite impressive!) . Super easy to use, only annoyance is that the liquid buffer is not individually portioned, 8 drops must be used per test.

Bosco Training and Medical Supply

This product was well received by my clients

N95 Harley-L188
David E Moon

Prompt delivery, the masks are an excellent it, the best I have tried. Have recommended to friends.