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The test seemed to work. Tried it on someone with no symptoms. Negative test. Tried it on someone with symptoms. Positive test.

Much more sensitive than other tests. We have the BTNX Rapid Response at home and my son tested positive on Boson but negative on the BTNX tests. Positive result was confirmed via PCR test (with a 42.9ct, so quite impressive!) . Super easy to use, only annoyance is that the liquid buffer is not individually portioned, 8 drops must be used per test.

Bosco Training and Medical Supply

This product was well received by my clients

N95 Harley-L188
David E Moon

Prompt delivery, the masks are an excellent it, the best I have tried. Have recommended to friends.


Heard about you through the Reflexology Association of Canada and cannot easily purchase the Rapid testing kits in Vancouver, BC. Saw them on your site for a reasonable price and after informing colleagues, friends, family purchased 2 boxes. Excellent service and delivery, will certainly be recommending you.

Comfortable but small.

Safe direct

Very good product

Very comfortable, look good , but I wish they were not individually packed. Adding to environmental pollution. A pack with 3-5 would be good.
Rising price somewhat unpleasant- compared to last Fall,

Fast delivery and best price

Very comfortable to wear. Love them!

Good fit, good quality

Boson COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test
Tatiana Zabelishensky

What delivered on time.

A good service

Thank you

N95 Harley-L188
Mary Ellen Payne

I think this is a really good protective mask, I like the way it fastens, with elastic at the back of my head, that fits much better than the loops over the ears. The only issue I have is that I wear glasses, and keep trying to adjust the nose piece to prevent fogging, but find the metal portion is a little stiff, and I can't get the mask to form properly on my nose. I wonder if you could try a more malleable piece of metal on the mask for a better form/fit? or maybe the metal could be inserted in the mask, rather than on top of the mask, might make it form better...? Just a thought..

N95 Harley-L188
Marina Fechner

I have tried all 3 N95 masks and this one is my favourite! It is the most comfortable mask and the fit is perfect. I like the way it tucks under the chin and high up above my nose. It is softer against the skin making it the most comfortable of all. Fast shipping and great packaging. Highly recommend this mask!

Excellent communication with customer service. Order fulfilled and shipped quickly. Highly recommend!

Safe Direct

Great customer service on the phone.
The only company I found that actually had what they promised in stock.
Arrived super quickly.
Thank you!

Delivery was fast! Had my order in two days, thank you.

Arrived super quickly!

Have received test kit, feeling fine but will use if and when someone in the family has symptoms.
Finding a test when feeling Sick is not a time to be searching about and leaving the house.

This mask is great! I feel safer against catching covid knowing I am wearing a high quality Niosh approved mask. The fit is secure particularly, in the way it wraps around the bottom of my chin where other masks are lacking. There are no gaps. I like the soft foam over the nose which helps to cushion but also also offers extra security. I do wish they were less costly but its worth the price to have the right protective mask! Customer service and shipping is always reliable and fast.

Feel comfortable. Fit well under chin. Seems to breathe a little easier in these than other N95's. Individual packaging, being flat make them convenient to travel with. Elastic is questionable for me.... wondering how it will wear taking off and on.

These are ok. Fit my husband well but they don't fit the rest of the family. Other KN95 masks I've tried usually fit my face and my 15 year old's face well but these are way too big and leave gaps. I am giving them four stars because they seem well made but am disappointed with the fit.

I really loved the professional that this campony takes for their clients

Satisfied with the product.
Delivery took longer than expected.
Would have appreciate a follow-up.


N95 Harley-L188
Dawn McDougall

My N95 was late in coming. I was asked to review before I even got them. I was told that they had arrived 11 days earlier. It was good that there was a reply on the email so I told them that my masks had not arrived. I got a reply and an apology. The masks arrived a few days later. I have had difficulty putting on. I followed the directions carefully but it either popped off my head or was loose under my chin. With help from my caregiver, I was able to get it on properly and then we practised so that I can do it myself when am alone.