Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 
    Hand Operated, Free Standing with Base, White
    Comes with Sanitizer Container, refillable 

  • High-quality pump dispenser for hand sanitizer that's designed to be simple and cost-effective to operate. 

    Durable- steel manufactured in Ontario, built to last years.

    Universal- hand sanitizer container included works with any gel or liquid hand sanitizer, 1 Litre bottle capacity.

    Simple and easy to operate - no electricity required, do-it-yourself refills.

    Professional design - sleek looking with white gloss finish, low profile, works in an upscale setting. 

  • Size including base: (HxWxD) 41 x 15 x 15 Inches 

    Size of front face for logo or label: (HxW) 1.5 X 4.5 Inches 

    Weight: 16 LBS 

    Includes 1 Litre Dispenser bottle with wide mouth for easy refills 

    Hand Sanitizer not included, please order separately 

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